Vision & Values

The Club Values (our guiding principles) are:

  • We respect ourselves, other members, the Club and the community
  • We pursue excellence in all aspects of Club life
  • We are open, honest and timely in our communications
  • We encourage fun through involvement, in all age groups
  • We develop people to reach their full potential and as future leaders
  • We recognise outstanding achievement, contribution or effort.

The key areas of our club’s operations are:

  • Surf life saving patrols
  • Youth development
  • Competition
  • Member development
  • Club development
  • Social activities
  • Finance and administration
  • Community service.

Goals & Objectives

The main goals and objectives, endorsed by Surf Life Saving Western Australia, of the Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club are:

  • To promote and enforce the work of Surf Life Saving, the resuscitation of the apparently drowned and the application of first aid on the beachfront between Cable Beach, Mosman Park and Napier Street, Cottesloe.
  • To carry out patrols in accordance with the regulations of Surf Life Saving Western Australia and provide the necessary efficient life saving equipment.
  • To co-operate with other organisations in enforcing life saving methods and equipment.
  • To educate the public surf awareness and current resuscitation procedures and encourage members of the public to gain awards as permitted by Surf Life Saving Western Australia.
  • To partake in competitions and events in all surf life saving areas and other areas permitted by Surf Life Saving Western Australia, and to sponsor members to compete.
  • To co-operate with the Town of Cottesloe in possible improvements to beach facilities.