Become a Lifesaver (Active Member)

Enjoy being out on the water? Like an Adrenalin rush? Want to give something back to your local community? Need a reason to keep fit and healthy, build a new circle of friends or compete in surf sports? Then Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club is the place to be!

Cottesloe Beach has been the favourite seaside destination for Perth locals for more than 100 years . Annually over 250,000 locals and tourists head down to the iconic Cottesloe Beach. Surf Lifesavers are trained to watch over the beach on weekends and public holidays from October until March. Lifesavers help ensure that members of the public have a safe place for swimming, snorkelling and surfing. 

As part of your active membership you get free access to our 24/7 gym.

Would you like to give back to community, but do not want to become a lifesaver? We have many other membership options available and require volunteers for the daily operations of the club. 

What’s involved

To become a Surf Lifesaver you need to undertake a course of approximately six weeks. We train you to be a first responder in an emergency, board and tube rescues, provide first aid and provide surf safety information to the public.

The time commitment for the course is one night during the week and one morning on the weekends. There is also some pre-reading and homework that needs to be completed outside of contact hours. The prerequisite to enrolling in the course is a swim of 400m in less than 9 minutes.

Once you’ve successfully completed your Bronze Medallion, you will be eligible to wear the red and yellow. You will then be allocated your patrol roster and be eligible to compete after having met your patrol requirements. 

See our education calendar for the next course.

Other Pathways

After your Bronze Medallion there are many more pathways to improve your skills and get involved. For example, you can become an Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) Crew Member, IRB DriverSurf boat Rower, Patrol Captain or assist with Training and Assessing. 

How do I sign up?

Hit the button to sign up or alternatively contact our office using the form below for further help.

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