Perpetual Foundation

The Club maintains a perpetual fund known as the CSLSC Perpetual Foundation.  The fund consists of money and property given specifically to the club by various donors and benefactors.  This includes bequests from the wills of former members. The income and the property of the fund are used solely towards the promotion of the objects of the club. In particular, the fund is used to promote those objects of the club that are likely to result in a long-term and continuing benefit to the club.

As the club is a Deductible Gift Recipient under current Australian Tax Legislation, gifts to the club for its general activities and to the CSLSC Perpetual Foundation are tax deductible for donors. If you would like details of how to make a general donation to the club, specifically to the CSLSC Perpetual Foundation, or make provision to remember the club in your will, please contact the office on 08 9383 4400 or email To be legally valid, wills have to comply with certain legal requirements.  For this reason, we strongly recommend that legal advice is sought.

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