Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club Calendar

The Club Calendar records the most up to date information on events that are happening around the Club and at Cottesloe Beach.  Surf Sports and external events are recorded, but the most up to date information will be available at the host organisation (such as Surf Life Saving WA).


How To

  1. The calendar display can be toggled between week and month. There is also an option to present events in a list through the Agenda tab.

  2. Next to the Agenda tab is an arrow that will allow you to overlay particular areas of the club that are of interest, currently Patrols, Education, Nippers and Surf Sports.

  3. On clicking on an event, there is an option to copy to your own calendar.

Carnival Page

Surf Life Saving records all carnivals in Team App

In the app you can also find important documents and news relating to Surf Sports. 

Club Swim Page

Register for the club swim here

Calendar Copy

For a copy of the PDF calendar in the Members booklet. Please click here. Please note Calendar correct as at 17/9/2019. Please check for updates.