Minnows (5-6YO) and Woodside Nippers (7 - 13YO)

You can register for nippers online, on Sunday mornings between 9 am and 10 am or during office hours.

We’d love to see you and your family at our surf club, we are always happy to have new members. We love having families join as we are a very family friendly club with members staying here for generations.

The sessions for the children on a Sunday are between 08:45 and 10:30 followed by a sausage sizzle in the courtyard. Please find more information about junior activities in the nippers handbook.

The Woodside Nippers program is a nationally recognised curriculum designed to cater for children aged 7 – 12 years of age.  All participants who take part in the nipper’s program gain access to invaluable lessons designed to educate and inform about surf awareness, all whilst in a safe and fun practical environment. 

Our Woodside Nippers programs run from October through to March of each year. You are welcome to join after October.


Our objective at Cottesloe S.L.S.C. is to educate your children to be competent and safe at the beach and in the surf. Surf knowledge and techniques are gradually introduced to the children. Ultimately at the age of 13 they can attain their Surf Rescue Certificate and later their Bronze Medallion at age 15. Training also incorporates developing first aid skills as well as the opportunity to be an active volunteer by undertaking patrols to help keep our beach safe. Children aged 8 and above are also encouraged to test their surf skills in interclub competitions and can pursue a variety of different events at Surf Sports carnivals. Our aim is for the children to have fun at Nippers and enjoy coming to the club each week.  

Nippers/Juniors Code of Conduct

The Cottesloe SLSC expects the following, as a minimum from all Nippers:

  • Have fun

  • Be a good sport

  • Be prepared and willing to learn

  • Do your best and be proud of your efforts

  • Encourage and congratulate each other

  • Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself

  • Look after the equipment

  • At Carnivals never argue with an official. Have your Age Group Manager approach the Official in the proper manner

Which Age Group am I?

The age group for the season is determined as of midnight on 30th September. Listed below are the age groups children will be in for the coming season:

  • NIPPERS; U14 - child has turned 13 on or before September 30th 2019

  • NIPPERS; U13 - child has turned 12 on or before September 30th 2019

  • NIPPERS: U12 - child has turned 11 on or before September 30th 2019

  • NIPPERS: U11 - child has turned 10 on or before September 30th 2019

  • NIPPERS: U10 - child has turned 9 on or before September 30th 2019

  • NIPPERS: U9 - child has turned 8 on or before September 30th 2019

  • NIPPERS: U8 - child has turned 7 on or before September 30th 2019

  • MINNOWS: U7 - child has turned 6 on or before September 30th 2019

  • MINNOWS: U6 - child has turned 5 on or before September 30th 2019

Sunday Morning Activities

Nippers and junior club members participate in surf and beach safety activities from October to March. Parents and children meet in the courtyard of the club at 8.55am for announcements and club information. Children then go with their Age Group Manager down to the beach.

Coloured caps will be handed out on the first surf club day. This is so the Age Group Manager knows where all the members of the group are.

The kids of the surf club are divided into juniors, 5-14 years, and youth (known as ‘Titans’ at Cottesloe S.L.S.C.), 15-19 years. To find out more about this group check out our Titans page. Whether you are interested in having fun, keeping fit, making friends or a keen competitor there is a place for everyone at Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club. However as our name suggests, our core function is Surf Life Saving and we would like to see all our Nippers eventually to become Patrolling members.


Each age group, with the exception of the Under 6s and 7s, has different qualifications and requirements, which must be met to enable them to participate in ANY Minnows’ activities (sand or water) and compete in inter-club carnivals.

In order to participate on the beach, individuals must achieve a minimum proficiency level. This minimum requirement is established by Surf Lifesaving Australia. However, Cottesloe Minnows establishes its own minimum proficiency which is above and beyond those set by SLSA. This basic requirement at Cottesloe is known as a Preliminary Evaluation. This is the proficiency evaluation that will take place on the two registration days.

Minnows that want to compete for Cottesloe must also complete their Competition Evaluation. This is required before registering for any competition, including Branch and State carnivals. These will take place before our first competition on the beach in November.

Proficiency Form

Parental Involvement

How can I get involved as a parent? 

The Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club is a volunteer organisation and greatly appreciates the support of parents. The Youth and Junior Sections are organised by the Development Officer and the Junior Activities Officer. An age group manager is appointed to each age group. We find that members get more enjoyment from activities when their family gets involved.

For parents and guardians of Nippers there are lots of club activities we would welcome you getting involved in. The club bar is also open on Friday nights and you are welcome to bring family and friends to socialise and mingle with other club members.  

The club is always looking for volunteers: 

  • Actively helping your Age Group Manager each week

  • Becoming an Age Group Manager. No experience is necessary, you just need the right attitude. New AGMs are always welcome and we can provide the training

  • Helping the Cott Café on Sunday mornings

  • Cooking the sausage sizzle on Sunday mornings

  • Assisting Nippers to correctly put away boards each Sunday in the Boat Shed

  • Assisting with organising social events for the Nippers and parents

  • Doing your Surf Rescue Certificate or Bronze Medallion (fees apply), which then allows you to do patrols or assist with club activities on Sunday mornings.

  • If you have a Bronze, you can do other courses including IRB crew and driver’s license, Advanced First Aid, Spinal Management, Defibrillator operator, as well as Level One Coaching or Officiating Certificate which will enable you to help at Carnivals.

Please ensure you read more information about the Surf Life Saving policy, which highlights the risk management procedures as well as the minimum requirements for the provision of water safety.

You can volunteer by contacting your child’s Age Group Manager. If you have any queries please talk to the Age Managers or contact the Development Officer.

How to pay for your fees?

Membership payment is easy. Click here.

Important Documents

We have tried to include the everyday things you need to know about Cottesloe Nippers in the Ninppers Handbook. If you require any further information please feel free to ask any Age Group Manager, Committee member or simply call into the Club office. If you are new to the Club I urge you to get involved in the club activities such as the Friday night food, BBQs, Bar etc.

Contact Form

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