Cottesloe Titans

The Cottesloe Titans are the combined U15, U17 & U19 age groups. Our focus is still around lifesaving and competition but we realise that people have other priorities at this age. We aim to make our activities fun, flexible and challenging.

We meet every Sunday at the boatshed at 8am, with races starting at 8.30am (except when there’s a carnival at another beach). Generally there are a couple of flags in place and a tent so we are easy to spot. We participate in board races (two which are handicapped and one off ‘go’) and occasionally take part in a 2km run, but usually it’s a 90 metre sprint race. The more senior people also do ski races.

At the end of the session we participate in the 10.30am club swim, which is normally 400 metres (at the beginning of the season it’s 300 metres). We also take part in water safety at different events to help out the club. The Titans can choose from a range of activities to participate in and have the option to compete in handicapped board and ski races, assist junior age groups, one-on-one training or participate in other arranged activities. There’s so much to get involved in. Contact the office today at

Surf Rescue Certificate

The Titans are able to obtain the Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC). The SRC is the introductory award for patrolling surf lifesavers and allows the recipient to take part in beach patrols. Completion of this award is a minimum requirement for participation in surf sports competition as an Under 15 (and in some instances as an Under 14). Read more