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Welcome to this new section which will give you all the updates in everything swimming. The Club has a vision moving forward to develop a strong club in every aspect, one of those areas is swimming.

I’ve been asked to help develop our swimming program for the upcoming season. I’ve put together a program which will be based around the competition Freestyle distance of 400m. To be able to achieve the best results for each swimmer it will require some time in the pool as well as the ocean. That way I can give feedback on stroke correction and interval training. I will not teach members to swim. Members will need to be able to swim Freestyle and Backstroke.

My plan is to have two pool sessions and one beach session per week. I don’t believe in garbage miles but prefer quality efforts. One pool session will be centred around the distance of 400m and the other session will be short speed intervals. The beach session will predominantly be starts (sprinting off beach, water running, dolphining), turning on the cans, sighting, drafting, reading sea conditions, etc. There will be a minimum age of 10 and I will keep the 10-13 yr olds separate to senior levels.

Obviously, there are many swimmers in the club that already have a swim coach and don’t want to change which is fine. This is to supplement the remainder of the club swimmers and perhaps swimmers who would like insight into the ocean swimming side of things.

A little about me and my abilities.

Firstly, I’ve swum all my life. Inaugural member of City Beach Waterpolo club with over 140 games. Competed in Triathlon for 30 years. Done 22 Ironman races and 4 were World championships in Hawaii. Operated my own swim school with over 200 swimmers ranging from Jnr squad through to seniors and adult Tri swimming. Had numerous State top swimmers and Nationally ranked swimmers, one went on to Comm games, one became Professional Triathlete, one went on to be Nationally ranked swim Coach. I had swimmers come to me for rehab as I am fascinated with the Biomechanics of swimming. Enough said.

What I need to know is how many people are interested which will indicate how much pool space to book. At this stage, I can get pool space in Claremont Pool on Tuesday 5pm to 6.30pm and Thursday from 5pm to 6pm.

I have created a registration form, just fill it in then click the Submit button on the bottom and it will come back to me. The sooner this is done the sooner I can organise the lanes.

Murray Bridgland

Cott Swim

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