Surf Boats Cottesloe SLSC

There is something uniquely Australian in the image of a boat crew, the sweep at the stern, battling their way through huge breakers to rescue a hapless swimmer fighting the rip. When a swimmer is in trouble too far beyond the break to be reached by a lifesaver attached to a belt and reel the boat went out.

Intense regional, state , national and international boat competition together with the incredible commitment and enthusiasm of thousands of participants have kept this challenging and thrilling sport alive.

In fact Surf Boat Rowing is a booming culture within the SLSC culture. The top crews are elite sports men and women. Brute strength helps but technique is vital. If crews wish to be genuinely competitive they will be training many mornings and afternoon with their weekends spent travelling to competitions.

How to become a surfboat rower?

Surfboat Crew members must be volunteer Surf Life Savers to compete. The rowing discipline commands a high level of fitness, commitment and skill. It complements the core set of competencies volunteer surf life savers must possess in order to obtain the Bronze Medallion qualification and patrol beaches. Competitions typically commence during November and run through to March.

Cottesloe SLSC is at the forefront of Surf Boat Rowing in Western Australia. With multiple National and State Titles ; the rowing program at Cottesloe is comprehensive and professional. If you think you have what it takes to row boats for Cottesloe please contact our Surf Boat Captain by filling in the form below.

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