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New Members

If you are a new member. Please sign up via the SLSA website.

While your membership is pending you can pay for your membership via the payment portal.

Once your membership has been approved you can create a members portal account. This account will give you access to all important information about your membership, awards, upcoming patrols etc.

Existing Members Renewal

The Cottesloe S.L.S.C. encourages all existing members to complete their membership registration online.

If you have previously renewed online, your login details will remain the same. If not, it is easy to create your username and password. You will need to make sure the details that you’re entering are the same as what the office has (especially email addresses).

To complete your membership online, see the document LINK HERE “How to renew your fees”. 

(have your credit card handy prior to logging in)

CLICK HERE to go to the Members Portal

Age Groups

The age group for the season is determined as of midnight on 30th September. Listed below are the age groups children will be in for the coming season:

  • U14 - child has turned 13 on or before September 30th 2019

  • U13 - child has turned 12 on or before September 30th 2019

  • U12 - child has turned 11 on or before September 30th 2019

  • U11 - child has turned 10 on or before September 30th 2019

  • U10 - child has turned 9 on or before September 30th 2019

  • U9 - child has turned 8 on or before September 30th 2019

  • U8 - child has turned 7 on or before September 30th 2019

  • U7 - child has turned 6 on or before September 30th 2019

  • U6 - child has turned 5 on or before September 30th 2019

Membership information

Membership fees are due on the 1st of May and must be paid before the start of the season. Members who are not financial shall not be eligible to participate in Club, Inter-Club or State Championship Competitions and shall not enjoy the privileges of the club.

Membership application forms for new members can be downloaded below. Please complete and take to the club with your payment. The club accepts cash, cheque, credit card and Eftpos payments. 

Existing members can renew online. The forms must be returned to the club with payment. Fees and how payment can be made to the club can be downloaded below.

The office is open during the week or on Sundays during the surf season.

Probationary Membership

Active & Active Under 19 members who have been accepted as members subject to qualifying for their Bronze Medallion.


Mebers between the ages of Under 6 and Under 7 (age for a season is calculated as of midnight September each year). The emphasis is on having fun whilst learning about safety in the water and on the beach.


Members between the ages of Under 8 to Under 13 years (age for a season is calculated as of midnight September each year). The program is focused on participation and fun. Activities include surf safety, surfing, board paddling, board rescue, beach activities, basic resuscitation and first aid. Each age group progresses through a Junior Development Certificate. 

Active Under 14 and Under 15 Members

Members aged 13 & 14 years of age as at 30th September each year. They are eligible for the Surf Rescue Certificate.

Active Under 17 Member and Under 19 Members (Titans)

Members who are between the ages of 15 and 16 years as at 30th September each year. They are eligible to gain their Surf Life Saving Bronze Medallion. They will then be rostered for Patrol Duty.

Active Members

To be an active lifesaving member of the club, you need to:

  • Hold a Bronze Medallion (or obtain your Bronze Medallion during the season)

  • Pay an annual membership fee

  • Complete and sign the membership form

  • Complete an annual proficiency test/pool proficiency (unless you obtained your Bronze Medallion during the season)

  • Do minimum patrol requirements.

Members must be financial in order to patrol, compete or attend club activities. This is a compulsory requirement, which covers legal and insurance policies. New members may join at any time during the season and if joining after 1st February, pay half the annual membership fee.

Active Reserve Members

Club may grant reserve Active Membership to Active Members who have satisfactorily completed (from gaining of the Bronze Medallion) at least ten (10) years of patrol and club. Reserve Active Members shall complete the annual proficiency test and shall perform a minimum of patrols and further patrol duties at the discretion of the club’s Competition Committee.

Long Service Members

Members who have completed 4 years satisfactory service as an Active Reserve member or members who have completed 12 years satisfactory service since obtaining their Bronze Medallion. Eligible members must apply to the Club for Long Service membership. Long Service members are exempt from all patrol obligations.

Senior Long Service Members

Long Service Members who have reached the age of 60 on 1st October.

Award Members

Award Members are members who are proficient holders of one or more of the following awards: Radio Operators, Resuscitation Certificate, Advanced Resuscitation Certificate, First Aid or a Surf Rescue Certificate. Members who have these qualifications can also assist with patrol operations. This category is perfect for members who are keen to help out but do not have the ability to perform the full active requirements.

Country Membership

Active members of at least 12 month standing who are absent from the metropolitan area for at least 6 months of the year, 3 months of which must be between 1st October and 31st March each year. Members residing in the country can apply for Country membership but must be a Bronze Medallion holder.


An Associate Member shall be a person who for some reason may be unable to become an Active member. An Associate member may take part in all Club activities but may not be elected to the positions of President, Deputy President, Captain or Vice-Captain. An associate member may take part in all club social activities and has access to the change rooms.  Associate members shall not have affiliated club voting rights.

Life Membership

Members who have completed 12 years of outstanding service to the Club.

Honorary Membership

The Management Committee may select suitable Honorary members for such period as they see fit. They shall be entitled to all Club privileges as determined by the management Committee but shall not be eligible to be elected to office.