Club Awards 2019

Starting looking onthe beach, talking to those in your area of the club, listening to good news stories for those members who consistently bring outstanding value to the club. Criteria is important (eg if a nomination for Best Club Member is a committee member/AGM/trainer etc -– the recognition is not for doing an excellent job in the role they volunteered for or were appointed to - what have they done above and beyond the role they nominated for?).

Announced at the Annual Dinner 
- Call for Submissions from Members -

George Geddes Trophy– Best Patrolling Member (Patrol Officer to advise)
Best Patrolling memberbased on patrol attendance, gaining awards, club participation, assisting with any administrative tasks within the Patrol, performed any rescues, steps up when required without being asked, initiates training for themselves & others whilst on patrol, positive engagement with other members & community.

Acton (prev. Barrie Harper) Real Estate Trophy– Dependability

Maurie McNamara Trophy– Most Enthusiastic

Mt Stewart Cup– Best Club Member
The recognition for Best Club Member(Mt Stewart Cup) is not for doing an excellent job in the role they volunteered for or were appointed to – look at outstanding distinguished service, what have they done above and beyond the role/s they nominated for, what difference have they made and what added value has their efforts added to the club for the whole year or season. 

Jim Laurenson Fellowship Award

Barrington Trophy– Points in Competition (Captain to advise (confidential))

MH Becher Trophy– for Committee Service (President to advise (confidential))

• Excel in volunteer work performance
• Regularly exhibit a willingness to help others, above and beyond any normal duties
• Exhibit unusually strong commitment, dependability or reliability in their work
• Exhibit positive attitude & maintain positive and effective relationships with members, volunteers and the public
• Plan ahead and be adaptable to a changing environment
• Show high team spirit and loyalty
• Many unrecognised volunteer hours (in any capacity)

• Interacts with others in a positive and cheerful manner
• Reflects enthusiasm for fellow members, for the club and when dealing with the public, sponsors or community leaders
• Readily and enthusiastically helps around the club when asked and willingly contributes to the club’s well-being
• Demonstrates a high level of enthusiasm and passion and respect for all
• Enjoys helping people and forging a path for others to do well
• Enthusiastically embraces challenges & inspires those around us

Please submit all nomination to Jim Laurenson 

Phoebe Godwin