Incorporating the Banana Boat SwimKids Series

It was perfect conditions for the 35th anniversary of the Cott Mile last Saturday which saw over 700 swimmers compete across all the different distances. This included a new event event which saw 110 kids swim in the Banana Boat Kids Swim aged 7-12 years, many racing for the first time.

The prestigious Cott Mile was won by Rhys Mainstone (male) and Jamie Bowler (female) and the longer 3,000m won by Laura Shryock (female) and Matt Bourke (male). The smooth running of this event was made possible by all the volunteers from the club who helped, many thanks to all!

The events held were:

  • The Banana Boat SwimKids Series - three races run one after the other, starting with the 100m swim/wade for 7 & 8 year olds, then the 200m swim for 9 & 10 year olds, and finally the 300m swim for 11 & 12 year olds.  All participants will receive a finishers medal, and there are place getter medals (Gold, Silver Bronze) for the 200m and 300m swims.

  • Novice and Junior 400m swim.  This is an M-shaped course wholly at Cottesloe beach.

  • Distance swim of 3000m – for swimmers looking for a longer challenge.  The course takes swimmers to both South and North Cottesloe.

  • 35th Cottesloe Classic Mile 1600m – the now traditional “Mile”.  Swimmers head to North Cottesloe before finishing in from of the iconic Indiana building.





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